We all love our bright flip-flops with the fun patterns, heck I have three pairs myself. They’re cheap, easy to slip on and fun. However as a massage therapist I always see a huge increase of individuals with foot pain in the summer time and more often than not the pain is caused by flip flops. But fear not! You don’t have to throw out those bright patterns. Simply follow some guidelines when picking your footwear for the day.

  • When you’re going hiking, going for walks, or standing for longer periods of time, break out those sturdy sandals to prevent foot pain. The ones that don’t fold when you try and bend the soles, the ones that have thicker bands and arch support. They will have thicker soles to help with shock absorption, heal cushioning and will have some arch support to help keep your foot from falling in. Your toes won’t have to work extra hard to keep your feet in these multiband sandals.

  • When you're planning to laze on the beach, patio or poolside then break out those loved flip-flops! Your bright pinapple patterned flip-flops will help keep your feet from being burned on the hot sand or deck. They'll also protect your feet from athlete's foot or warts that could be on public grounds.

It’s as simple as that! Two guidelines to consider when choosing your footwear. Have a pain free, fun filled summer all!

A couple weeks ago I put up a Facebook survey asking people what type of massage music they like. From the responses we got traditional spa music with birds, waterfalls and soft sounds is the preferred choice of clients. I did notice though that men seem to prefer something a little less traditional (random interesting tidbit). Maybe some soft rock, soft oldies or some songs with lyrics that they can recognize. Which is what I can relate to for preferences as well.
When Donna and I were setting up our massage office we had a lot of debates over a lot of different things and one was on what type of music we should play. Donna loves the traditional spa music with pianos, soft drums and guitars, where as, I love the softer songs with lyrics. Some soft Nora Jones, Xavier Rudd, Susan Aglukark or Modest Mouse maybe. But that being said I can understand peoples love of the traditional spa music and we sure have a lot of it here at Aleda; We could play 24 hours straight and never repeat a song (all thanks to a wonderful client of mine who donated her spa music to us when she retired from being a massage therapist).
Traditional spa music is specifically made for relaxing, meditation or to just help clients mentally go to their “happy place”. Which is great for us massage therapists as it helps us when clients are relaxed. The more relaxed the client is means the more relaxed their muscles and nervous system is. Which means we can work more effectively and more pain free.
People don’t generally think about how important the nervous system is to their muscles. When a client is in flight or fight mode from a car accident or just a very stressful week their muscles react to this. Muscles become constricted and sore and before we can even think of working deep into the muscles we need the client to come out of the flight or fight mode and relax. So que the traditional spa music, pleasant scents and soothing room.
I still rebelled in the massage music debate though because I think people can relax in different ways. Or some people aren’t in flight or fight mode when they come in. So our solution is, we have both types of music to offer the client! So next time you come in feel free to let us know what type of music you’d like played and we’ll be happy to accommodate.
Also let us know through a message here or through facebook if you have any favorite mellow slow songs I can add to my rebellious play list with lyrics.
- A rebellious Alexis, RMT

I’m sure you know by now that we are a local family run business. We plaster our ‘mother and daughter team’ all over our social media platforms because we are darn proud to be a family run mother and daughter team. And because we are so proud of our business and so proud of each other, I’m going to talk about my mom, and business partner, in this blog.

My mom. I’m so proud of my mom. She became a massage therapist back in 2007 not because of a lifelong dream to go to secondary school or pursue a career but out of 100% necessity. Our lives turned upside down with the passing of my dad in 2005 and my mom was gifted this opportunity to go to school. So at 49 years old she packed up and moved to Calgary and started a hard journey of post-secondary education. She thrived and she struggled and she came out the other end as one of the best massage therapists I’ve ever known. She also found a love and passion for massage in her journey, and is still loving every massage she gives 12 years later.

When Donna graduated one of her instructors offered my mom a massage position at her clinic; I was one proud daughter. She worked and thrived there until she decided to move to Red Deer (Calgary was just too big city for her liking). So she packed her life up once more and made the move to Red Deer. She worked at a spa for a while but didn’t like the corporate feel and limitations of not being able to best help her clients. That mother of mine is all about helping her clients to the best of her abilities. So she started herself a small at home business and kept her cliental small so she could provide the best care, while at the same time looking after the joy of her life; her granddaughter.

She is a lady of few words but jam packed full of love. She has been there for me through every success, every struggle and every boneheaded thing I’ve done. She has never waived in her love and support for me and my brother. And now I am so proud that she is my business partner (even when we butt heads).

And now! Now that brave lady, at the age of 59 and holding (plus a couple years’ experience) is going back to school AGAIN this fall. She’ll be starting at the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy to upgrade her skills, because we never want to stop learning and growing. I’m sure there will be ups and downs, struggles and successes but I know she will concur the fear and rock this next step in her life.

So next time you’re in for your session with Donna wish her luck on this exciting step.

- Alexis; A proud daughter and RMT

Last month, my daughter, Alexis wrote a touching blog all about me, so I’m honored to do the same for her this month. When Alexis told me she had decided to go to school to become a Massage Therapist I was instantly thrilled. I started dreaming some big dreams of a mother and daughter family run massage clinic. I am tickled pink that my dream is now a reality; largely in part to the passion, ambition and dedication Alexis puts in everyday behind the scenes here at Aleda Massage Therapy.

Like myself, Alexis didn’t enter into massage until a little later in life. She decided after 15 years of sitting in front of a computer screen at her office job to completely change her career and life by going back to school. I know she was scared but I wasn’t scared for her at all. Knowing my daughter I knew she was going to thrive and succeed. Alexis is stubborn enough that when she gets something into her head she will be 100% dedicated and passionate to seeing her dream out. This is something I greatly admire in my daughter (especially now that her teenage years are past!)

For the next two years I watched as Alexis blossom into an educated, compassionate, thriving Massage Therapist. All while working a full time office job, doing her practicum and helping to raise her two preteen stepsons! I can proudly say it took Alexis no time at all to get enough regular massage clients, which enabled her to give up her office job and to become a full time Massage Therapist.

At this point I was chomping at the bit to start our family run massage business but Alexis wanted to broaden her massage experience first. So she went to work at a well-known thriving Chiropractor office for a couple years. And now after only 6 months of our business Alexis is about to leave her chiropractic massage job and become her own boss at Aleda Massage Therapy full time!

So here’s to Alexis, my daughter, who will do anything for her family, who is a lover of nerdy things and Harry Potter. Who spends her free time painting, reading, behind a potter’s wheel or playing board games.

- Donna Misner, RMT (Mom)

Hygge Perks

October is bringing in the cold so Aleda Massage Therapy is bringing in the warm! When you book in for any Fall and Winter Massage treatment you’ll be happily spoilt with our complimentary perks that are being incorporated into any treatment. We are so excited to share these with you! Don’t want to have the perks? Not a problem, everything is optional.

- First up is the already announced, and enthusiastically welcomed, the NEW table heater! It’s like a warm hug on those cold blistery days.

- Second up the hinted about but never announced inclusion of a couple warm stones into each treatment! Welcome a warm stone into each palm, or have us use a warm stone to gently but effectively massage your shoulders.

- Third is all about some tea! We’ve got some complimentary seasonal tea for you at the end of your session. So head out from your treatment feeling warm, relaxed and with a to-go -cup of tea.

- Fourth up is the seasonal essential oil scents we’ve got brewing in our diffuser. Hand mixed by our therapist Donna, come in and smell some Autumn Leaves or Cozy Flannel. (spoiler: we may even have a pumpkin spice essential oil on order for you pumpkin lovers)

I bet this all sounds amazing… but what the heck does Hygge mean? And how do you even say it? Hygge (said like Hoo-ga) is a Danish word that means “A mood of coziness and comfortable simplicity with feelings of wellness and contentment”.

Alexis is a little bit obsessed with all things Hygge right now. Fireplaces, Wool socks, teas, reading books cuddled in a blanket. So she’s bring Hygge to Aleda with this Hygge Perks!